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A brief about Loom Knitting

A brief about Loom Knitting

Knitting with a loom is faster than knitting with needles. You can make many items by using this method.


For loom knitting one requires yarn, a knitting loom and a knitting hook. The size of the loom will determine the width of the cloth. you have to start by making slip knots which are stuck at the end of the prong of the loom. Number these prong.

The ones at the top will be oddly numbered and the ones in the bottom evenly numbered.

Now take the string and by putting it in between prongs that are oddly numbered, bring it around the evenly numbered ones. Continue this wrapping technique in a counter clockwise direction around the prongs. This will look like a figure eight pattern and it must be repeated till you reach the desired length for the scarf.

Once the desired width is reached bring the string back to the last even prong and repeat the figure eight knitting process, but this time by doing it in the backward direction. By wrapping the string from right to left you will reach the start point on the loom. Over here you will have to place the string in between pegs two and four and by using the knitting hook you will have to take the yarn from the bottom prongs and bring it over the top one. This will make the bottom loop to be on top of the pegs making loom knitting happen.