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A Few Ways Of Making Crochet Blankets

A Few Ways Of Making Crochet Blankets

Think of tucking yourself into a warm yet stylish blanket in a wintry afternoon over a hot ‘cuppa’ and reading a good book. That is exactly what you can do with crochet blanketsThey are both beautiful and efficient in curbing the nip in the air.

Blanket It Up

Making a complete blanket through the process of crocheting may be tedious job yet the results will always be fulfilling. The thickness of the blanket will of course depend upon the weather in which you are planning to use it.

By changing the style of stitching, you can actually either have a light one or a thick solid blanket. In case you are thinking of gifting it to your loved ones, you may also sign your initials in the bottom corner of it, just to add a personal touch.

Crochet blankets are exquisite to look at, since as compared to a plain blanket, it has lovely handiwork which goes behind the making of it. The best thing about making it will be the fact that  you have  the opportunity to put in vibrant colors in it and make sure it looks both attractive and useful.

If you are making the blankets for children, you might want to go in for colors like pink, lime yellow, brick red, orange and the like. For adults, you will want to use more understated colors like maroon and beige.

The internet provides ample examples of stitching patterns and styles of various crochet blankets which you might want to look into.