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1950s style dresses to your fashion designs

Add 1950s style dresses to your fashion designs

In 1950s dresses are very different in style and design also then we are wearing today. At that time dresses are very closet Staple and came in two silhouettes. You can get these styles of dresses in a modern look. We referred these dresses as a vintage dress. Vintage collections of dresses are available in many various styles and colors. You can choose vintage dresses for more beautiful and elegant look.

You can find dresses of past time with new impressions. You can get variations in colors and a slight change in those designs. In 1950s style dresses were famous and dresses consists of middy, man-tailored, plain color, wings, mandarin and piping on large pockets ad shirt cuffs contrasted with the skin colors. Now you can get these look with the modern touch in these dresses.

You can get various verities related to the vintage collection. You can choose according to your likes.  You can get some of these choices of vintage dresses with new look as follows;

Fitted blouse:

You can get the blouse with quarter length sleeves. In fitted blouse, the shoulders are fitted and small collars are close to the neckline. Sleeveless blouses are available in various colors. You can choose for fitted blouses in your dress gallery.


You can find various types of skirts such as full skirts, pencil skirts, awing skirts and many other styles are available for you according to your choice. You can choose best and comfortable for you.

Shirt dress:

These shirts are become very popular in these days. These are like bodice with no gathered waistline. A narrow belt you can use with this kind of dresses.

You can get much more varieties of 1950s style dresses. You can easily assemble for your requirements by your needs and specifications.