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Alluring Anchor Tattoo Designs

Alluring Anchor Tattoo Designs

Anchor tattoo designs can never be out of date because of the meaning they stand for. The anchor tattoos have been here for decades. Although earlier these tattoos were strictly limited as a symbol of love for the sea, travel and seafarers. Now (in modern times) tattoo design is more than just that. The importance of anchor tattoos is related to being a sign of balance and strength even during the storms of life. Check out the enticing anchor tattoo collection.

Why are anchor tattoo designs so popular?

Originally, anchor tattoos were only known among seafarers. Today, people from all walks of life love these tattoos for their symbolism. Married people bring them to a sign of stability for their life. On the other hand, they also prefer single men and women. These bravery and strength that tattoos symbolize are especially famous among those who believe in their inner strength. Traditionally, the members of the U.S. Navy were etched with this tattoo after crossing the harsh spot of the Atlantic Ocean.

Impactful anchor tattoo ideas

If you want to ink yourself with something totally feminine and graceful, the tiny or micro anchor tattoos are just perfect. You can choose simplified anchors or designs with flowers and ropes in shades of pink and ivy. You can even look for variations like double anchors, that is, two exact anchors attached to both legs and arms. They’re quite large and need a bit of rope braid to add style and design. Aside from these, 3D effect anchor tattoos are also unique due to the illusion that they create an original anchor that sits nicely on the skin. Such tattoos are nothing short of a visual treat and also make you look stunning.