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Almond Acrylic Nails

Almond Acrylic Nails

The almond acrylic nails are all the rage right now and are the most cost effective way to extend your fingers. Our compiled list of almond nails will enhance your feminine traits and is here for some time. The ideas on almond shaped nails are so adorable that they can stun anyone.

Check out all of our next generation almond acrylic nail shape inspirations.

Long and short almond acrylic nails

While the almond-shaped nails are mottled on long nails, it can work wonders on short nails too. For claws that go beyond the fingertips, you can use short almond-shaped nails. The white matte nail polish with minimalist design can embellish the almond shape for a sophisticated and glamorous look. Much like white, black nail polish can also look pretty on almond nail shapes and add an edgy look whether you go for matte or glossy.

The Minnie Mouse Theme on Almond Acrylic Nails French Tip with Polka Dots and a Bow is an easy way to make your nails fearlessly adorable. For ladies with subtlety, nude nail polish is an extravagant way to highlight your almond nails.

Popular almond acrylic nails

  • Fancy eye-catching almond-shaped nails? Add some spectacular and exciting 3D elements with rhinestones, crystals or stones.
  • Why get professional help on a modern design on your almond shaped nails when you can do it yourself using a simple accent nail for a stylish boost?
  • A simple swipe of baby blue nail polish is all you need for a fresh spring and summer look.

The almond acrylic nails are one of the cheapest ways to get your viewers’ attention and appreciation. Look in the gallery below for more such acrylic themed almond nail ideas.