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Androgynous Haircuts For Women

Androgynous Haircuts For Women

What are Androgynous haircuts for women?

Androgyny is a newly hyped label that might pique the interest of some and puzzle others. To put it briefly, this type of haircut is a neutral approach to gendered views on hair and clothing. The gender neutral hairstyles are quite famous among those who believe in gender fluidity.

Androgynous hairstyles that any woman can pull off

  • The androgynous pixie haircut is bold yet simple. This kind of androgynous haircut is suitable for women with straight and straight hair. You can add a gradient blend to add a dash of style without compromising the simplicity of the haircut.
  • If you are looking for androgynous haircuts for a square faceYou can opt for a blonde cut and focus on the length of hair towards the edge and disguise a wider forehead. In addition, you can highlight your bangs to draw attention away from your unwanted areas of the face.
  • Looking for male haircuts for women? You can opt for the most famous slicked quiff. This gender-neutral haircut has already been attracted and experimented with by celebrities like James Dean and Elvis Presley.

Show the world your love for androgyny with these preppy ones androgynous haircuts for women. You can take a quick tour of the gallery for more amazing ideas and inspiration.