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Angora sweater – coziest sweater

Angora sweater – coziest sweater

Angora sweater is one of the coziest things you can wear in winter. Angora sweater provides you the required warmth and also the attractive looks. In the market, there are hundreds of angora sweaters are available in various styles, sizes and patterns. But before we lengthen our talk on angora sweater, it is important about the stuff they are made of.

Angora sweater is the product of angora wool that comes from Angora. Angora is a form of rabbit. This is the reason that angora wool gives soft and silken feel. This wool is different from the normal wool which is obtained from sheep. Angora sweater is soft and fuzzy and warmer than other wool sweaters. Angora sweater manufacturers weave the wool with another substance which is soft wool like cashmere or lamb wool.

Choosing the right angora sweater

But choosing the right angora sweater can be a painful task, since you need to know a few things to buy a best angora sweater. Angora sweater is made of the wool that is available in five different grades. Identifying these grades is important to know the quality of the angora sweater.

While the first and the second grade wool is extracted from the top and neck of the rabbit, the third, fourth and fifth grade wool comes from any part of the Angora rabbit. Most angora sweater makers use the top grade.

But angora sweater are also made of low grade as well. Another sign of buying quality angora wool is its color. Natural angora sweaters have only white, brown, black, and gray shades. Any other color is not its natural shade.