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Awesome shirt for men to wear
every day

Awesome shirt for men to wear every day

Some small modification and designs change the complete look of your shirt. Shirts are replacing t-shirts’ market day by day. Your preferences may also change according to trend. Grab following shirt patterns for regular as well as casual use:

Check shirt for men: Checks, square, and cross printed shirts are the most common nowadays to clad on your body. One can use this shirt for office purpose as well as the regular wear.

Strip shirt for men: A good choice for formal as well as party wear! The pattern looks awesome on every age of men irrespective of their work and profession. In your shirt, leave your hands in the pocket, and fold your long sleeves to give a dominating expression.

Dot shirt for men: Give a funky look to your regular wear by just adoring small dotted shirt for men. College going boys, teenage youngsters, and party holders go well in the dotted shirts. The dots may vary in size; choose according to your suitability.

Plain formal shirts: Most of the formal wear is plain shirts. If you are going to attend an interview, hold a seminar or leading a meeting, plain formal shirts can leave a straight impression on viewers. Tuck your shirt in the pant and wear a matching tie complementing your pant. The idea will surely help you in getting good judgment.

Designer sleeves shirt for men: Designer sleeves on the plain shirt pattern look amazing. You can attend any party with this shirt idea. The option of folding sleeves keeps you comfortable.

Double collar shirt for men: Double collar shirts fall in party wear category. Wear a t-shirt under the shirt and keep the buttons open of the shirt. This way, you can go funky in any fresher’s party of the college.

So try shirts that complement your smartness.