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Best Eyebrow Piercings for Women

Best Eyebrow Piercings for Women

Of all the piercings, the eyebrow piercing is the most stylish due to its uniqueness and attractiveness. It is one of the most famous surface piercings along the eyebrows. Eyebrow piercings may have been introduced in the late 1970s, but they still haven’t gone out of style. Wearing bling eyebrow piercing jewelry looks amazing for both girls and men. Below are some awesome jewelry designs and ideas to choose from or get inspired. But before heading to the salons for that quirky piercing, here are some things you need to know.

What are eyebrow piercings?

This piercing art was introduced back in the 1970s. You can decorate the eyebrow area of ​​your face with a variety of eyebrow jewelry such as rivets, rings, and small dangles for a distinct style statement. These fashion accessories are fashionable and will grab your attention.

How is an eyebrow pierced? – The process

Make sure that you choose a reputable piercing studio to do your piercing. You need to be specific in showing the piercer where you want to do the piercing. After the piercer has marked the exit and entry points with a marker, he will sterilize the piercing needle to guide it from the outer corner of the eye through your eyebrow.

Pain and healing time

The pain from brow piercing is generally just as great as the pain from plucking the eyebrows. After piercing the eyebrows, there may be light bruising or swelling. Once the piercing is complete, the healing time can be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for the eyebrow piercing to heal completely. It is advisable not to remove the jewelry within 6 months as the hole may not have closed completely.

Yes! Many people wonder if eyebrow piercing is safe. It’s safe, but the risk of piercings remains. However, being careful with the area and avoiding infection are the best measures to avoid problems.

Eyebrow Piercing Types

There are several types of eyebrow piercings. Some of the most popular types include horizontal eyebrow piercing, vertical eyebrow piercing, double piercing, etc. People generally prefer a ring rather than a barbell when this is their first piercing. Some of the preferred types are side studs, corkscrew barbell, vertical barbell, etc. Our gallery here is a great source for you to know different ways to wear eyebrow jewelry.

Care and tips for the eyebrow piercing

  • Wash your hands whenever you want to touch the piercing.
  • Regularly clean the piercing with a cotton ball soaked in salt water
  • When you shower, rinse the piercing area with a mild soap.

Eyebrow piercing is absolutely amazing if you have the patience and the courage to get it done. Check out more such unique eyebrow piercing ideas in the gallery below.