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Bikini Fashion that are
trending this season

Bikini Fashion that are trending this season

Swimwear usually includes bikinis and one piece. Bikini is a two-piece swimsuit with a bra and an underwear. During summer, everyone wants to flaunt the most stylish and fashionable bikinis they can get their hands on. So, let’s discuss what bikini fashions are hot in the market so that you can grab the bikini that suits both your taste and is in right now.

Sporty bikinis

2016 is the year of Athleisure and everybody is getting fitness conscious so it’s only natural that sporty bikinis will be the new thing. Celebs are rocking it and some people are even wearing them to the gyms!

Crop top bikinis

Well crop top is the hottest trend and now it has spread to the swimwear. Crop top styled bikini tops are thronging the market and you can take your pick but don’t wear hipster bottoms with them, only a low-rise bottom goes perfectly with that crop top.

Cutout bikinis

Cutout bikini tops are big time in and celebrities are flaunting it like nothing else. Cutouts make things interesting and you can decide how much skin you want to show and up to what point you are comfortable. But you can certainly not ignore these cutout tops.

Experiment with Material

If you want to get a little quirky, experiment with the material of the bikini by going for less used materials like velvet, denim and metallic. These materials work fine and make you stand out of the crowd.

Crochet or macramé paneled bikinis

Crochet bikinis are still in the market with their classic styling but if you want to add a modern feel look for crochet being mixed with other fabrics to get a unique look. Macramé is a spin on crochet where it is usually applied in the back or neck