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Blend of Crochet with Bernat Pattern

Blend of Crochet with Bernat Pattern

Crochet has been a form of making clothes and items since a very long period of time. Many cultures have traditional and unique way of making these. Crocheting requires a lot of time and patience. It is unique in ways of its designs, patterns and the way it has an appeal when worn or used. Bernat is a type of yarn. This comes in various textures giving a whole new look to Crocheting. Bernat pattern also vary with the type of yarn one uses. So you can choose any type of fabric they want when starting to work on any of the Crochet projects.


The concept of making a piece of cloth is unique. Making it even more special by using yarn that is soft and available in varied colour brings about a whole new looks to your effort. Since crocheting involves pulling of yarn or threads through loops this requires using fine or special material.

The kind of thread used for stitching cannot be used for crocheting. Because not only will it be impossible to make loops and knit, it will also cause difficulty and strain to the individual. Yarn that is used for Crochet is different when compared to the usual thread. It is thicker and is available in a variety of shades and materials.

Bernat pattern give a more elegant look to the already beautiful crocheting. They can be used in many different types of patterns and small decorative items that can be used as patchwork for other dresses.