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Board shorts in summer for
both men and women

Board shorts in summer for both men and women

When summertime comes, it’s time to hit the beach. There’s nothing like the feeling of the warm sun on the skin, sand between the toes, and plunging into the cool surf. Tight swim trunks and slinky Speedos aren’t for everyone, but almost anyone can look great in a pair of board shorts. This lightweight, stylish piece is popular among men, whether they’re waterskiing at the lake or just lounging by the backyard pool. In fact, many guys have started wearing these shorts even when they’re away from the water.  Next, the different types of board shorts will be discussed.

Buying the right size board shorts is important for a comfortable fit. When purchasing a pair of board shorts, buyers should consider a few factors before deciding on a pair. Board shorts are a type of swimwear popular among men (although some manufacturers also sell women’s board shorts). This type of swimwear is loose fitting, with a Velcro and lace-up tie front, and much longer legs than regular swimming trunks. Often made with a lightweight, quick-drying material, these shorts were designed with surfers in mind.

The double tie system in front is designed so that the shorts won’t fall or be pulled off by strong waves when the surfer is pulled underwater by waves, and the longer legs protect leg hairs from being ripped off when he sits on the wax-covered board. 

Board shorts, however, have become popular outside of the surfing culture and can be seen worn by skateboarders, swimmers, and even casual beach bums. board shorts only came in the classic surfer style, but with the popularity of this swimwear, manufacturers and designers have come up with several types of board shorts. These shorts are highly comfortable and therefore most preferred by everyone at home and beach side.