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Bold and Beautiful Industrial Piercing

Bold and Beautiful Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercings are unique! They are in great demand because of their extraordinary style, which is different from all other piercings. As more women want to wear something out of the ordinary, industrial piercing has become one of the most popular favorites of any fashion-obsessed woman. Even so, it is important to know all the details of industrial piercings before jumping into the salon. We have put together all the important information here that you need to leaf through before you want to try this form of ear piercing.

What is industrial piercing?

Industrial piercing is also known as a construction piercing, barbell or scaffolding piercing. Any two holes pierced with a straight and single piece of jewelry. However, industrial piercing essentially means the double perforation of the upper ear cartilage.

How is industrial piercing done?

Two piercings are performed, one being pretty close to the other and the second being the helix on the opposite side of your ear. The vertical industrial piercing is also known as suicidal industrial piercing.

More about industrial piercings

Industrial piercings are basically 14k. The industrial barbell jewelry is worn during the healing period. Most of the time or not, after the healing is complete, captive pearl rings (CBRs) are used rather than barbells. Using CBRs results in quick healing, but better piercing alignment is difficult.

How long does industrial piercings take to heal?

The healing process of industrial piercing ranges from 3-4 weeks to around 6 months. It is also advisable that you take proper care during the healing period. If you are not sure about an industrial piercing, you can even try tragus piercing or daith piercing. These two forms of piercing are also very popular. Daith piercing takes less time to heal and may be a better choice if you are concerned about healing time and aftercare.