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Bold Skull Tattoos

Bold Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos define the audacity of one’s own charism and person. Designed for souls with brass necks, these tattoos are exceptional and utterly fashionable. It doesn’t matter whether you want bright and creepy skulls in the neck area or arms or even legs and back. They guarantee an extraordinary look. So it is time to get rid of that same ancient archaic delicate flower and first tattoos and get involved in something new and unique. Now sit back and enjoy some of the trendy skull tattoos we have for you to try. Celebrities like Rihanna, the Barbados singer; Nicholas Cage and Mickey Rourke, the famous actors, also wear unique skull tattoos.

Meaning of skull tattoos

Skull tattoo designs mean that a person accepts their own mortality. Many people agree with the fact that everyone would one day die, so it is important to live life to the fullest. Skull tattoos are also associated with this thought. However, the meaning of the skull tattoo mainly depends on how the skull is used in the tattoo art. You may have come across skulls and crossbones, which symbolize life with its own rules, i.e. love for pirates or freedom. Another example of a different meaning you can take on is that of “Mexican skull tattoos”. Mexicans have the “Day of the Dead,” which is a significant part of their culture, when women gather to make sugar skulls or skull candy. Sugar skull tattoos are by far the most popular skull tattoos.

Meaning of skull and rose tattoo

Often times one came across a combination of tattoo designs with roses and skulls. ‘Rose’ symbolizes love, more like ‘deep love’. When ‘rose’, ‘cross’ or ‘name’ is combined with a ‘skull’ in the tattoo it definitely adds dimension and deeper meaning to that. Skull and rose tattoo represent the thought that “love your life as mortality is a certain thing”.

Different types of popular skull tattoo designs

You can find a variety of meaningful skull tattoos in our gallery below.

  • Mexican skull tattoos
  • Sugar skull tattoos
  • Skull tattoos (that cover the arm)
  • Skull tattoos with pirate love (skull with crossed bones)
  • Feminine Skull Tattoos (colored, tiny and micro skulls with bows / roses)
  • Matching skull tattoo designs (for couples and siblings)
  • Ornate skulls (with wings, floral designs, stars, hearts, etc.)

Dare to bare some Freaky Skull tattoos

  • Creative Scary Eye 3D Skull Tattoos: One of its types, the creepy 3D skull tattoo, is as bizarre as it sounds and will make your eyeballs pop in surprise. Prefer your back region to color it.
  • Mini Sugar Skull Tattoo: Well, if you’ve been drooling over tiny finger tattoos lately then this is for you. Petite yet garish in appearance, mini sugar skull tattoos are so girly and you will fall for them.
  • Rare cherry skull tattoo: You will come across a wide variety of skull tattoos that are extraordinarily new in their looks, but this cherry skull tattoo is a rarity and defines “beauty” even more because of its “bright red cherry color”.