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Box Braid Hairstyles

Box Braid Hairstyles

If you are tired of the same old hairstyles, you have to follow the box braid hairstyle trends these days. Everyone tries and absolutely loves it. These types of box braid hairstyles will make your hair look fabulous even in damp weather.

Different Types of Box Braid Hairstyles:

  • Box Braids with Frayed Ends: Yes, add an interesting new twist to this 90s hairstyle. Give your hair a curvy effect with this hairstyle and if you dare go for a platinum blonde hair color too. These go well with hip length box braid hairstyles
  • Box braid with a short bob: Get that chic factor with this type of hairstyle. Box braid hairstyles for black women are getting interesting twists every day. Not just black women, today women of all races prefer this type of unique hairstyle. For box braid braids for medium hair, a short bob with box braid can be a suitable combination.
  • Mohawks for Small Box Braid Hairstyles: Give your hair a daring look this time around and get nervous with short hair and mohawks. Box braid them and you are sure to receive compliments all day long. You can also go cornrows on the sides for small box braid hairstyles.

Factors to consider when choosing

  • Amount of hair: Box braid hairstyles require a certain amount of hair. So if you have enough hair of your own, fine and good, but if you don’t, then fake hair can always be woven in.
  • A good hairdresser: If you need artificial hair or support, it is always better to consult a hairdresser.
  • The right hair color: Not all hair colors go well with box braid hairstyles. Lighter shades like purple blue or platinum blonde are best.