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Butterfly Makeup Ideas For  Halloween

Butterfly Makeup Ideas For Halloween

If you’re looking for something dramatic and romantic instead of something scary, then choose from the butterfly makeup ideas for Halloween. The effect of Channel Heidi Klum with the eye-friendly butterfly make-up fits your Halloween. The butterfly makeup trends are breathtakingly ethereal, and testify to the ultimate metamorphosis for this October. If you are looking for the perfect Halloween butterfly makeup tutorial then this article is for you.

Here are the must-have butterfly makeup tutorials that you must try.

Simple butterfly makeup look

The butterfly goddess is an obsessive makeup trend that includes tattoos, properly done nails and voluminous lids, purple tones, and miniature light blue butterflies. While mermaids and butterflies represent two different themes, you can merge both worlds for a beautiful take on the classic butterfly mood and simple butterfly makeup look.

Go for makeup looks from Butterfly Princess with bubble pink hair, yellow lids and bright blue lashes to grab other people’s attention. Make one part of the fairy tale and the other part of the butterfly for a visually attractive makeup trend. To replicate the popular social media filters, go down the path of the butterfly goddess gilded with subtly shimmering gold eyelids, perfectly neutral pouty lips, and wispy jet black lashes.

Last minute Butterfly makeup ideas for Halloween

  • The baby doll Pink Butterfly Makeup is the most bizarre beauty trend and an ideal choice if you want to leave the creepy butterfly costume and prefer to opt for an ethereal look.
  • Butterfly Fairy is undoubtedly the most popular makeup with bold magenta, yellow, orange and fuschia highlights.
  • You can always try to make the monarch butterfly make-up the inspirational make-up glamor queen with eerie black and orange vibe this Halloween through detailed eyelids accented with blood orange lips.

Butterfly makeup ideas for Halloween will surely help you get a few compliments and stand out from the creepy looking makeup trends. You can find more such tutorials and step-by-step instructions on butterfly makeup in our gallery.