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Cbd And Beauty

CBD and Beauty Products: An Overview

There is an increasing demand for cannabis products across Canada and it is not uncommon for news about CBD to be mixed with our favorite smoothie or even mixed with our packet of chips. You would be surprised to learn that you can come across cannabis infused water as well.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, isn’t just restricted to food, it’s also currently being confused with makeup and skin care products, with certain beauty brands guaranteeing immeasurable health benefits of their CBD beauty products.

What Does Research Say About CBD Beauty Products Available In The Market?

Enough has been said about the myriad health benefits of CBD products, however, claims related to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may not be entirely true if health experts are to be believed.

Thorough research and analysis has been carried out to suggest that THC and CB products can largely help with pain control, but it is less well known for skin care. The buzz and hype surrounding CBD beauty items comes from the marketing gimmicks and may have nothing to do with the health benefits they promise.

Do CBD Products Work?

Many studies have shown that most people with eczema and psoriasis had great benefits from using CBD on their skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. However, results were not shown in all cases.

The CBD beauty products available in online stores are prone to false labeling. Before buying any trending product, make sure you go through the ingredients carefully and thoroughly research the possible effects. Avoid buying beauty products just for hype. Always speak to your skin care professional before making a decision.

How does CBD work in beauty products?

The most interesting thing attributed to topical CBD is its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists are trying their best to gather more evidence on CBSs for curing psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. No wonder why it’s used in various serums, body lotions, and face creams.

Inflammation, as studied and seen, is the leading cause of major problems including acne. However, there aren’t many fertile treatment options available to treat the case either, which is leading to more and more acne problems breaking out in the country.

CBD Promises to Eliminate Acne From Its Root

Acne without a doubt is a pretty painful problem that almost the majority of women around the world face. And acnes are always pretty difficult to treat because of their myriad of factors: excess sebum, bacterial proliferation, clogged pores, and inflammation. However, the 2014 study found that CBD can actually suppress the acne breakouts by regulating the oil production of the sebum glands. This is good news for those who are frustrated with acne problems.

And dermatologists find this really fascinating because if CBD can successfully control the production of oil and inflammation, it can treat the two lesion acne formations. That being said, people looking to take pain relievers can turn to topical CBD to help reduce their swelling.

While the cannabis history may be complicated, the future of CBD is sure to be bright and promising.