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Charming Ponytail Hairstyles

Charming Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails are every woman’s evergreen favorite hairstyle and are worn by all age groups. Be it for a chic party look or a cool meeting place or even a family reunion; Nothing beats the effortless beauty wearing a ponytail. With the development of fashion trends and style quotients, ponytails have undergone a rigorous change and are now more than just simple ties. Ponytails are now defining a different fashion and are now loved and praised by women all over the world. Read on to learn more about fabulous ponytail hairstyles and how to use them to achieve that whole new look.

Unique ideas to improve your ponytail game

  • Create a loose braid and get ready for a sassy look, even with a ‘care-a-damn’ casual outfit.
  • Did you love Beyonce’s extravagant ponytail curls? All you really need is a curling iron about ½ inch for that iconic curling iron effect.
  • Pull on a perfect low ponytail with a dab of smoothing serum or cream to keep it clean and flawless.
  • Wrapping your hair around the base is a trending style and was already stormed by Jessica Alba. Pick up a few sections of hair from the ponytail itself and wrap them over the elastic tie.

How do I pull off the perfect ponytail hairstyles?

Well, all you need is a good hairspray to hold the strands of hair in place and keep them from hanging around loosely, a couple of good hair clips to keep the style intact, and a good tight elastic to hold the art of the ponytail too perfect.

Simple ponytail hacks to get some eyes rolling

  • Bring some bobby pins to strengthen your bangs base and add extra hold and lift
  • Take two ponytails from two sides to create a bun. This particular bun is absolutely perfect for a flawless professional look.
  • Stack one ponytail on top of the other to create the illusion that your hair has recently experienced tremendous growth.

Ponytail for extra short hair

You don’t have to hit the lows to have short hair. You can also wear a great ponytail. Here’s how:

  • Take your base hair and tie it up well with a hair elastic
  • Pin the remaining loose strands of hair from top to bottom with bobby pins
  • Use a few drops of hairspray to keep the hair clean