Thursday , August 18 2022
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Cherry Nails

Cherry Nails

Cherry nails are the hottest trend that is tried and tested by women all over the world. Cherry nails can be achieved with just three colors including white, pink and red. Of course, you can try other colors, but only by going for designs like flowers and hearts can you make your nails romantic and gorgeous.

Scroll through all of the cherry nail design ideas now and get inspired!

Cutest cherry nails to flatter your nails

Go for the cute Big Cherry Nail Art with some big cherries painted on a couple of nails. The striped cherry nails with striped tips are a must have for all crazy stripe lovers. If you want dark cherry nails, choose a cherry pattern on your natural nails for a few fingers and a dark red nail polish for the perfect contrast for the rest.

For women who simply love the contrast of white and red, consider lovely white cherry nail designs with tiny green leaf details. Draw a pair of cherries on your pink and white dotted nails for the best cherry nail art.

Unique cherry nail ideas for women

  • On white base nails, draw tiny cherries with green leaves for a fantastic and perfect nail design at Sunday brunch.
  • Opt for Cherry and Dots if you love Disney-themed cherry nail designs and are about to throw the biggest Disney parties in town.
  • Gingham Print Cherry Nails is in full swing and is admired by the world’s best beauty bloggers. Try them for the most adorable nail art design.

Cherry nails are the most fashionable and cutest nail art that inspires women of all ages. Don’t forget to take a look at our gallery to learn more about such ideas for painting cherries on nails or the trendy cherry nail art designs.