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Chic Grunge Outfits in Spring

Chic Grunge Outfits in Spring

Grunge fashion originated in the 80’s but didn’t become popular until the 90’s and is still revered as “90’s grunge fashion”. Grunge outfits have made a serious comeback and have been dominating the runways as well. The clothes, accessories and hairstyles that together reflect the subculture of grunge music are grouped together in the gallery here. Thrift clothing, ripped denim, plaid shirts, layered clothing, vintage looks, mismatched pairing, tattered denim, baby doll skirts, oversized flannel over a t-shirt, baggy tops, ragged shorts, denim cut-offs, loose acid wash Jeans, long sleeved thermal clothing, etc. are some of the most preferred options for putting on a grunge avatar.

Different types of grunge outfits

  • Soft grunge outfit idea-The return of grunge fashion has seen the birth of soft grunge. Here the grunge aesthetic merges with the modern influences for a lighter look. Plaid with ripped denim is a perfect soft grunge outfit.
  • Pastel grunge– This hipster-style grunge fashion is based on the traditionally feminine styles. This look mixes edgy grunge with soft pastel tones. You can even try coloring your hair pastel shades.
  • Nice grunge fashion outfit idea– While grunge usually means a messy, rough look, it can also be very charming. To create a cute grunge outfit, try a skater dress with dark prints or a plaid t-shirt dress.
  • Vintage grunge– A vintage grunge outfit is both beautiful and edgy. Try a slip dress with floral prints and retro accessories. Also, try pairing these dresses with blazers.

Essential aspects of a perfect grunge style

  • Grunge makeup– Every outfit is not complete without makeup. Opt for dark berry, wine and burgundy tones. Complete your look with a thick, smudged eyeliner and lots of mascara. Make a strong statement with your makeup.
  • Grunge shoes– To create a perfect grunge outfit, don’t forget about shoes. Grunge shoes are bulky, large, and flat. Say goodbye to those high heels! Opt for rubber boots, combat boots, Converse or Vans.
  • Grunge hair– Grunge hair means messy and greasy hair. This is a perfect excuse for not taking care of your hair. You can even try out messy top knots, easy and stylish. Punk headbands, unkempt look, messy hair, steampunk style – all of these characterize the grunge look.

Of course, the look is incomplete without grunge accessories. Wearing hats, leather bracelets, stacks of jewelry, casual chokers and headbands is an integral part of spring grunge fashion. We’ve rounded up these effortlessly cool spring grunge outfit ideas just for you.