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Christmas crochet – Merry Christmas Crochet

Christmas crochet – Merry Christmas Crochet

Christmas is a season of being jolly and happy. It is also that time of the year where families come together along with friends and decorate the entire house. This season of giving always has a warm feeling to it. The aroma of roasted chicken and the bright Christmas lights and decorations all make the festive season special. To make it even more memorable and unique you can make decorations by Crochet. It can be called Christmas Crochet.


During Christmas, the list for shopping is huge. You can reduce this and have a unique touch to the Christmas season by making some of your own decorations. Crochet is not limited in making only clothes these can also be made into ornaments and decorative items.

By just using some yarn and Crochet hook you can start their experimentation. From making beautiful Crochet flowers to wreaths anything can be made. You can use a combination of different types of yarn and make small bowl shaped mats. These tiny Crochet mats can be put behind a plastic bowl which has aluminium wrap on it and putting some fevicol so that the mat would harden. You can make a lot more Crochet bowls this way and by stitching or securing them together you will have a beautiful Crochet Christmas ball.

You can use many such innovative ideas and make more Christmas Crochet items for decoration. You can also paint glitter on top of it to make look sparkling.