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Chrome Nail Designs

Chrome Nail Designs

Prepare for summer with trendy chrome nail designs. Upgrade your nail mani from the glamorous mats to the shiny chrome nails. The latest trend is to flaunt the silver, pink or blue chrome nails. Try the marble, mirror, and bare chrome nails to look like a fashion fan. It is now the trend to flaunt shiny nails. Add a sparkling touch and a festive look to your nails by going through our collection of trendy chrome nail art ideas. Discover our picture gallery for trend-setting nail art ideas.

Jazzy Chrome Nail Design Ideas

  • Rose gold Metal nails: Show off the trendy rose gold and neutral metallic chrome nails.
  • Matt green: Show off your shiny nails in style for the coming summer season.
  • Shiny gold chrome nails: A touch of gold can do wonders on your nails. Use gold nail polish and tape to create the eye-catching gold effect. For a bold look, don’t use nail tape at all and instead hand-paint your nails with shiny gold chrome varnish. Don’t forget to use a top coat to keep your mani sparkling and shiny.
  • Sparkly Glittery Chrome Nails: Add an edge to your nail mani by embellishing them with rhinestones. The mix of stone studded nails and solid color nails is the perfect mani that can complement any attire.

Trend-setting chrome nail designs

  • Purple Chrome Nails: Getting those mirror-gloss purple chrome nails at home is a little tricky. You can use gemstones to enhance the beauty of the purple tactical nails.
  • Black chrome nails: Toggle your nail mani in a snap with nail wraps. They are known as decals, foils, appliqués or strips and can last a long time without chipping. Give your nails a festive makeover with black chrome nail ideas.
  • Rainbow Candy Chrome Nails: Give your nails a stunning makeover with rainbow colors.
  • ‘Green Spiked’ Chrome Nails: Achieve stunning green spiked nails with nail wrap and finish them off with silver polish.