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Classic black and white
striped leggings

Classic black and white striped leggings

Are you just a crop top freak?? Or do you love wearing dresses during winters but you don’t seem to wear it because of the cold? Now, you don’t have to worry about wearing dresses because the black and white stripped legging perfectly does its job. These are the tight pants and the leggings fit easily to the body. The stripes can be of various different types like they can be straight from top to bottom or they can be also in the vertical form. The stripes can sometimes be a little shade darker and sometimes not .

The black and white stripped leggings are best to wear with white or black simple crop top. The navel part can be shown off easily with these leggings and the crop top makes it even easier. Even t shirts can be worn with these leggings. Now, as winter is driving in, girls would prefer wearing dresses.

They can put on these black and white striped leggings and then wear the dress to cover their legs. This can help them in protecting from the cold. These leggings can be transparent ones or they are also made from woollen fabrics, the choice totally depends on you as to what you want to choose.

Pairing these leggings with the right kind of shoes is the ultimate hard task. Wearing black heels seems to be the best way out. Nude or light brown coloured heels and pumps also become suited to these kind of leggings. The price of black and white striped leggings vary depending upon the quality of the fabric. They can be bought online or even purchased from the stores. Fashion trends change with time and a girl should keep herself updated with all the latest trends because that’s what the society wants her to do.