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Classy Braided Hairstyles

Classy Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are classy and sassy, ​​and are great ways to upgrade your style. Braided hairstyles are specially designed for women who love to stay neat and organized. In addition to summer updos, they are also perfect for your long hair in sultry summers. There are also a variety of other braided hairstyles; Cornrow hairstyles, ponytail braids, upside down braid buns, to name a few. Here we will help you choose the right braided hairstyle taking into account the type of face and your hair length to make your job easier. Enjoy!

Ingeniously sophisticated braided hairstyles for short hair

  • If you have curls that reach up to your shoulder, you can go for the lovely headband with long waves. This cool headband style braid hairstyle prevents these strands from falling over your face and thus stays in one place.
  • Sporty short hair and fancy light braids? Well, you might like the new cornrow braid styles for half temple. Opting for a chic look means you can wear your hair back without having to work around full length braids. Instead, add some of the rows on each side and curl the rest for a pretty, cascading mermaid look.

What are Cornrow Braid Styles?

Cornrows are actually the thinnest braids that are pretty close to the scalp and are mostly or not shaped in a variety of shapes ranging from geometric patterns to straight rows, giving you a varied, customizable option.

Superbly amazing braided hairstyles for long hair

  • Women with long thick hair are in luck as they can try a good variety of braided hairstyles. First of all, the ladder back braid is simply unique. The ladder mesh, as the name suggests, looks like a ladder that climbs up the head. You can combine this ladder braid with a ripping waterfall braid for an incredible look.
  • If you want to wear something exceptionally beautiful, you can opt for the braided corset. The corset braid has attracted a lot of attention since Vancouver Fashion Week 2016. Insert a clear ribbon between the braids for an old and new look.

Leave the old and usual hairstyles behind to discover something new and classy and go for subtle yet uniquely dramatic braided hairstyles. Scroll down the gallery for more such braided hairstyles for thin hair, short hair, long hair, and extra long hair.