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Constellation Piercing

Constellation Piercing

The next favorite thing millennials have after receiving their regular horoscope news is constellation piercings. Constellation piercingsContrary to the usual astronomical roots from which the trend took its name, multiple piercings are more than three in several whimsical shapes and patterns on the ear.

The trend has been handed down for decades and is particularly popular in the region of states. It wasn’t until 2016 that the Constellation piercing The trend grew in popularity and was called custom piercing with a combination of starry terms.

Fancy Constellation piercings who are taking the internet by storm

Take a high and low lobe piercing placement and blend them seamlessly by anchoring them with a couple of matching hoops. You can choose to put your next pieces of jewelry on the seashell for an unexpected look. If you’re in the constellation trend right now, you can start with a stud trio on the earlobe.

It is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to bring your first piercing to life. Custom constellation piercings It doesn’t necessarily have to be about multiple new piercings. You can get in touch with that Constellation ear piercing near me So that they can take a look at your entire ear, swap out the old earrings and add a few holes for the best look.

Constellation piercings for an oomph factor

  • If you’ve already pierced your entire earlobe, you can add an infinity hoop to your tower for a dramatic look.
  • Choose orbital piercings for a whimsical addition and contrast to your lobe piercings and tragus.
  • Choose multiple love piercings for an edgy trend.
  • If cartilage piercing isn’t your thing, you can always look for a range of piercings that go from the lowest part of your lobe to your clamshell.

Constellation piercings are one of the biggest trends of the year that you can hit in minutes. To the Constellation piercing, aries and other horoscopes can be found in the gallery below.