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Cow Nail Ideas

Cow Nail Ideas

The spring season brings with it a lot of new fashion trends that are instantly liked by people. The season motivates people to try brighter fashion trends. For spring you will find lots of new bright nail polish colors and lots of nail art ideas. One such trend that has emerged is the Kuhnagel ideas. Kuhnail art is another addition to animal print nail art. Celebrities are already trying out the cow print nail art and showing how well it goes with the season.

The classic nail print

You can try the simple cow print nail polish trend, which consists of a white base with black spots. You can also play around with the cow print nails and enlarge the black spots. The Kuhnagel trend has taken over the market pretty quickly due to its attractive appearance and the brightness it gives your nails. People this summer and spring season are drawn to this new trend that brings new changes from the solid colors and age-old nail arts.

Make interesting changes to the ideas for Kuhnagel

There are many exciting changes that you can make in the classic cow print manicure. The best thing about the cow nails is that they work for any length of nail. Even if you have short nails, this is the perfect nail art for you. You can make the art enjoyable by bringing in solid colors and even doing it on a transparent base instead of a white base.