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Crazy Harry Potter Tattoos

Crazy Harry Potter Tattoos

Having a tattoo on your body is now a given and many people take the plunge. Having Harry Potter tattoos on your hands is a great way to show your love for the book series. There are two ways to get the tattoo inked. One option is to ink a tattoo that is easy to spot and the other option is to ink subtle Harry Potter tattoos that only die-hard fans will recognize. Having a subtle subject is always more exciting than an obvious one. Here is a compilation of one of the best Harry Potter tattoo designs that would inspire you to apply them on your body.

Freaky Harry Potter tattoos

  • For the die-hard Dobby fans: Who doesn’t admire the strange little house-elf Dobby? You can show your admiration for the little house-elf by getting this tattoo inked on your arm.
  • For the Dumbledore fans: Instead of a picture of the adorable headmaster, you can have “Dumbledore Quotes” written on your hand.
  • Pasture and flying car: Have this funky tattoo applied to your inner arm to show your undying admiration for the Harry Potter series.
  • Hungarian horn tail: Get this edgy tattoo inked on your arm, a classic mix of photos that avid Harry Potter fans would admire.

Subtle Harry Potter Temporary Tattoos for the Potter heads

  • Favorite spells: This might not be an obvious Harry Potter tattoo, but die-hard fans would spot it in no time. It is a good idea to put magic on your body. Here the Harry Potter tattoo lover has written the spells ‘Nox’ and ‘Lumos’ on her body.
  • Potion bottle: This subtle Harry Potter tattoo design is certainly not for the casual viewer. Although many watchers won’t understand that Harry Potter fans would love the idea of ​​the ‘Felix Felicis’ liquid potion for Molly.