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Creative Fruit Nail Art Ideas

Creative Fruit Nail Art Ideas

Fruit nail art is a great way to get creative and fashionable this summer! Not only are fruity nail art styles trending, fruit art on nails is easy to make and looks super quirky and fun. You can experiment with glitter fruit nail art, 3D fruit nail designs, matte fruit nail art, and various other styles. You can find kits these days. If you are into gel nail art, there are tons of fruit stickers you can put in DIY fruit nail art which is unique and super chic nail art.

Attractive Fruit Nail Art Designs

Come on and remember, fruit nail art is not only cute and fun but also quite attractive. A strawberry nail art done right can look very alluring. Cherries, watermelons, berries and even oranges are just a handful of fruits that can exude femininity and that tangled charm. If you disagree, check out some of the hot nail art designs in our gallery.

Inspirational fruits, dots, hearts and stripes

Fruit nail art doesn’t have to be limited to fruits as the only design elements. Fruits with hearts nail art is very common. Cherries with dots nail art looks amazing and if you’re ever in the mood for DIY fruit nail arts, try pineapple with stripes. You can alternate fingers with fruit patterns and patterns for a more versatile look. With Fimo Canes fruit slices you can even achieve a great fruit salad nail art look for a whimsical evening dress!

Discover these fruit nail art ideas and choose your favorite designs to get started! Here is a lovely collection of the funniest fruit nail art designs that you can make yourself.