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Creative Mandala Tattoo Designs

Creative Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala tattoo in the meaning implies a circle. It is a Sanskrit word that represents life and is endless. If you like flower tattoo art this is your best option. Mandala tattoos come in different symbols, colors and shapes and can be tattooed on different parts of the body like thighs, arms, back, shoulders etc.

Types of Spiritual Lotus Mandala Tattoos

  • Watercolor background: Watercolor tattoo designs are colorful, bright and very feminine. Vibrant watercolor tones exude a sense of calm – the essential symbol of the lotus. Dangling accessories or points on the underside and top (in black) give the design an attractive and stylish look.
  • Royal neck: This tattoo design features inner dot work, thick lines, and rich black shades. Essentially fascinating, it’s a great choice for women who want to flaunt their upper back and neck.
  • Flower butterfly: Butterfly tattoos are a symbol of unconventionality. An ornate floral butterfly tattoo is characterized by stunning details and curvy lines that give it a fluttering butterfly look with lotus-like wings. It makes for a fascinating back tattoo.
  • Blue eight petals: This shoulder tattoo uses eight petals for the outer and inner flowers. With different shades of blue, it offers a rich and deep improvisation of peace and purity.

Simple mandala tattoo Art to make a deep impact

  • Multicolored: This tattoo symbolizes a youthful and adventurous journey. The use of bold colors and details makes it eye-catching and attractive.
  • Chakra: This tattoo symbolizes the cycle of life and shows unity and integrity. The small dots around the circle make for a great wrist or ankle tattoo.
  • nature: With a nature tattoo, Lilly’s intricate floral pattern with ferns on the side makes for a raw and elegant tattoo. It is best worn on the