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Crochet Abbreviations For Beginners

Crochet Abbreviations For Beginners

Common Crochet Abbreviations For Beginners

When you are beginning to learn how to crochet, you need to learn to read the crochet pattern. You can find crochet patterns with abbreviations from the internet or you can use the pattern provided by crochet pattern book. It is better to know the crochet abbreviation for beginners, so that you will be able to understand the pattern better and to finish the crochet work with perfection. There will not be any periods between the abbreviations to make them simple.

Common Abbreviations

  • beg – beginning
  • approx – approximately
  • bet –between
  • bp- back post
  • blp- back loop only
  • cc- contrast color
  • ch- chain
  • cl -cluster
  • dc – double crochet
  • dec- decrease
  • flp- front loop only
  • MC-main color
  • Rep- repeat
  • Sc- single crochet
  • St(s) – stitches
  • WS- wrong side
  • Tog- together

*- shows how many times a particular instruction is to be repeated

( ) -Shows how many times a series of instructions that are given inside the addition is to be repeated

“ – Inches

You can find the list of abbreviations from different online sites.