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Crochet beanie – Knit Beanie for yourself.

Crochet beanie – Knit Beanie for yourself.

A Beanie is a fancy head wear. It is a sort of a hat that is made to cover the scalp completely till the ears. This helps keeping the ears warm by protecting it from cool breeze. Knitting has fancy techniques that can be used to knit Beanie. You can make it in different types of colours as well.

Have a beanie.

With fashionable hats and cap going around you can make a trendy and a fancy beanie for yourself. Either by knitting or by stitching you can have a fancy hat to wear. Some Yarn and needles are the only requirements that are necessary to start a beanie project. The rest depends upon your own creativity.

Knitting a hat the traditional way is easy. You can also crochet it. The different kinds of wool available in the market give you a broader category to choose from. You can also mix two or more types of yarn and have a cap for yourself being made. The texture and the design along with the length will all depend upon the amount of hard work you are willing to put into it.

To start a beanie you can use the circular technique and begin. By adding different colours you can make your beanie look more vibrant and colourful. If  you have  mastered the art of knitting you can experiment more by adding cable stitches into your design. The kind of beanie you make is the one you will be wearing. So be creative and do not hesitate to try knitting and knit beanies.