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Crochet Blanket Edging- A Perfect Finish!

Crochet Blanket Edging- A Perfect Finish!

Blankets become basic necessity of every person during winters. Out of all those blankets available in the market crochet blankest are the most beautiful and warmest blanket. The demand for crochet blanket has increased drastically. But still there are many people out there who prefer to make these blankets at home only.

Those people who prefer to make crochet blankets at home are either don’t get enough satisfaction from the blankets available in the market or are very fond of knitting. Whatsoever is the reason, once  you have  started knitting the blanket, you need to take care of every bit of it.

Keep your eyes wide:

Making a blanket is not a difficult task but the task is crocheting blanket edging. Yes, making finished edges of a blanket is as much important as making the whole blanket. Few tips and tricks which can help you in giving finishing to your blanket are:

  • Choose a complementary color and pattern for edging.
  • Apply your basic skills and supplies for edging purpose.
  • For edging, choose a yarn which is compatible with center portion of the blanket.
  • The yarn for whole blanket and the yarn for edging should be of same weight.
  • Choose the correct hook size.

Focus on the above tips and your crochet blanket edging would be as perfect as of those blankets made by the machines.