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Crochet Flowers – The Flower Power

Crochet Flowers – The Flower Power

The most common of crocheting is to crochet flowers. Once you go online you will see the various designs and colors which are used to crochet flowers. There are tutorial videos which are available to instruct you through the entire process.

The videos are extremely detailed but at the same point of time easy to follow. They are divided into segments like “Fifteen ways to crochet flowers” ensuring the viewer’s full understanding.

The Colors and Designs

You may also want to make your objects more colorful by using different color yarns and enmeshing one design onto the other. Such things make for brilliant personalized gifts for family and other loved ones. Generally one would find single colored flowers on the net but you may be a tad ambitious and go in for multicolored flowers. You may want to have each circular ring of each color and the petals of a single color.

Crocheting flowers is often the first object which is taught to beginners. They are generally used as decorative objects on lampshades, home décor items, pillows, wall hangings, dresses, or stitched within dining table centrepieces for a party. You may also make coasters from crocheting jute.

If  you have  a further creative tinge to your personality, you might want to crochet flowers to invitation cards, post cards or scrapbooks. Such novelties are always appreciated to whoever you give them to. They make for lovely New Year’s greetings and Christmas cards. Thus, these are ways in which you can actually make a personal statement.