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Crochet motifs – Unique Crochet Motifs Designs for Fabrics

Crochet motifs – Unique Crochet Motifs Designs for Fabrics

The motifs are unique running pattern in garments which are having a link of similar designs. The floral designs were the most used motifs in any garments. This kind of motif linage in wearable dresses makes them look a better finish on the edging side. These are more beautiful when they are hand knitted. Since, any manual work has its own uniqueness and creative designs of their self. This kind of handicraft work is available in many of the online stores worldwide. These are also available in fancy stores and in garment stores.

Motif Knitted on Fabrics

The crochet motifs knitted on fabrics are of many designs. There are linear, horizontal, vertical, circular and star pattern of motif knitted alongside the strands in a fabric. It looks very fine and similar in lining. Such crocheted dress are available in various stores in full and sleeve less out fits, shawls, cardigans, shrug, hats, kids wear and ladies inner wears. They come is different colors and are available in standard size.

Custom Motif Designs in the Textile Accessory Store

The crochet motifs are also available as accessory fabric material. They are mostly available to stitch edges and borders. They are available in very tiny form in lace too. This kind of stuffs is really help full for a fashion designer to stitch fashionable dresses with use of these readymade crocheted motifs. This is also beneficial for other professional who deal with fabric stitching. This is also helpful to those who design custom made dresses. Such motif stuffing adds a special beauty to the fabrics.