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Crochet patterns – Stitch it your way

Crochet patterns – Stitch it your way

Stitching has always been a lovely way of spending the unused time that someone has over holidays. Whether it is for the young new baby being welcomed to the family or a personalized gift for your family and friends, stitched things always overwhelms someone’s heart with happiness. The various crochet patterns in stitching crotchets are well known. But before you can get into the intricacies of patters, you need to know the materials which are used for making these designs. The most common materials are of course, yarn or thread.

This above mentioned form of stitching may be used to make various objects like bags, pom-poms, table covers, scarves and the like. The process is time consuming since it requires detailed handiwork but the results are worth it.

The Various Designs

The most common crochet patterns among all of them are the round or circular crochets. This is often found in the designs which most people choose to stitch in. The other pattern is the cylindrical type, requiring less intricate working with a single hook.

Freeform crochet is much more fascinating since it gives a three dimensional edge to the item which one is stitching. The process generally entails building various shapes and structural elements within the stitching fabric.

Slip stitch crocheting is very similar to knitting which makes it an exception since there is always a basic difference between the both. The individual stitch units are similar to the units of knitting or for that matter a purl stitch.