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Crochet Rugs: Beautiful & lovely

Crochet Rugs: Beautiful & lovely

Decoration of a home is a never ending task. Every person has his/her different style of decorating their home. Some like antiques while some like modern art, some like Italian style while others are pleased with French styles; so it differs from person to person. On the other hand if someone have the fascination of decorating their home with the stuff made by themselves instead of the the purchased stuff, then the best option available for them is crochet.

Crochet Home Décor

You can make numerous home décor pieces from crochet like crochet rugs, crochet pot holders and many more such kind of stuff.  Hundreds of unique and fascinating crochet designs gives you a wider choice to select the one which best suits your home’s interiors. Gorgeous and lovely designs of crochet are more than enough to enhance the beauty of your home.

For beginners, a crochet rug is the best option to start with. You can choose from these basic rag rugs’s design:

Doily Rug Pattern: This is one of the simplest and most beautiful patterns available in crochet. You can make it easily, that too in very less time. But don’t forget to give a last finishing touch after completing this rug.

Free Rag Rug Pattern: Free rag rug pattern involves easy double crochet and chain stitches. Overall it’s very easy and lovely design which lets the beginners use their hands freely. This gorgeous rug would make your home look much brighter than before.