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Crochet Shawl & Its Various Features

Crochet Shawl & Its Various Features

Things like crochet shawl and stoles are an amazing way of fighting the winters with a pinch of fashion in it. Making them on the other hand may be a little difficult. But if you do on the net to search, you will find extremely helpful videos on every style and color combination of different shawls.

It’s all in the Shawl

There are instructive videos which accompany each type of shawl on the net. These videos often divide the entire process of crocheting into fifteen or ten basic steps which might make it easier for you in case you are a beginner.

The best thing about the entire process is the fact that as a maker, you get to express yourself in the type of stitch and the designs which you are making. Crochet shawl are even available online in case you are thinking of purchasing them.

The color combinations while making the shawls or stoles should be looked into carefully. You would ideally want to make the ones which are both classy and exquisite. Very bright and vibrant colors should be avoided and instead monotones should be chosen.

Interspersing the designs with appliqués can also be recommended. The basic motive should be to make an exquisite piece of handiwork which you would be proud of. To know about the stitching patterns, you can always go online and look up the videos. They are both fun to watch and informative since they are essentially brief and to the point.