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Crochet Shoes make pretty little boots

Crochet Shoes make pretty little boots

Making anything from Crocheting is a huge project in itself. A lot of times go into stitching and knitting. But you can be assured that the end product is always going to look good. Crocheting requires using yarn and a hook. The size of the Crochet hook depends upon the kind of loops you want when crocheting. Thinner the hook and the yarn more fine will the stitching look. From making baby booties to designing Crochet boots everything can be made this way.


Take the measurement of the feet or use another shoes as a reference before starting work. Start from the base and Crochet each and every part of the shoes. Once  you have  completed knitting or pulling loops together you can join them by securing each part by sowing it.

You can use a combination of colours to make shoes. This unique footwear should be used carefully. These are not meant for rough use. You can use a stronger or tougher yarn to make shoes. Ensure that when stitching all the loops are pulled together tightly. Afghan Techniques can also be used to make one of these as they are held closely with a lot of tight stitches.

Making baby Crochet shoes look sweet. Knitting any little item for children is an adorable gesture. Having to gift people something that  you have  made on your own is of far more value than any monetary gift item. Crochet shoes can be made funky and stylish depending upon the way you would like them to be.