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Crochet terms – Standard Crochet Terms for Beginners

Crochet terms – Standard Crochet Terms for Beginners

The crocheting is an art in making crocheted fabrics worldwide. This is a handicraft, which was in practice since many centuries. Still this tradition is followed today in knitwear industry as a specialized knitting works. This is totally handmade work and there are more than 200 known patterns. Since it depends upon the crochet knitter’s skill that is spread across all over the world, there are enormous variety and designs made by them.

However, there are standard terms accepted by the knit wear industry for users and knitters to understand and adopt for standard size and shapes of crochet fabrics, accessories, designs, style, crochet accessories, standard measures and many other term followed in various countries.  

How to Knit Crochet Fabrics

For any beginners, it is a must to know the crochet terms. These are easily available in online tutorial lessons. There is vast number of terms found in various website pertaining to various countries of this world. This online is the first best choice to understand these terms used in crocheting.

The A to Z of crocheting is available on internet. Apart from online you can get these terms by joining the knitting institute nearby your place. You can also learn from a professional knitter too. There are also many books available in book stores.

Standard Terms used for Crochet Materials

The crochet terms used for stitch are single crochet (sc), Chain stitch (ch), double crochet (dc), Treble crochet (tr), Slip stitch (sl st), half double crochet (hdc), Cast off. The standard hook size terms are from 2 mm to 19 mm. The Needle size is from 2 mm to 25 mm.