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Cute Ear Warmer Design Ideas

Cute Ear Warmer Design Ideas

Ear warmers not only protect against the cold winter winds, but also go a long way towards pumping up the style quotient when paired with the right clothes and accessories. Here are some trendy ear warmer design ideas that would help you bring out the wow factor in you. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of wearing the crochet ear warmer or headband in style. For example, your crochet ear warmer should be in harmony with the rest of the fashion accessories such as hats, winter scarves, gloves or trench coats. Here are some headband ideas that will show you how to pair your outfits with the neck gaiters and ear warmers. You can find your own headband here in the easy tutorials on crocheting earmuffs.

How do I wear earmuffs?

Ear warmers not only keep you cozy and warm in the cool winter months, they also make a powerful style statement. Here are the different aspects that you need to consider in order to wear your winter headband or ear warmer in style.

  • Choose the right color: The color of your ear warmer should go well with the rest of your outfits. For example, if you wear pastel shades, make sure your headband is the same color or pick a complementary color by consulting the color wheel. Pink and green, purple and yellow complement each other
  • Headband in sync with outfit: Not only the color, but also the style of your headband should match your outfit. For a sophisticated look, team a knitted neutral-tone ear warmer pattern with a chic cardigan, flared jeans and thigh-high boots.

Upscale ear warmer design samples that you will love

  • Easy crochet ear warmer pattern: This is a simple headband or ear warmer pattern that is sewn to wrap around your head. You can make it yourself as it is easy to make and involves simple stitches. Make a few of these in different colors to pair with different outfits.
  • Crochet Bow Ear Warmer Pattern:Here the rectangular crochet is made in the form of a loop and gives a stylish look.

Increase your style quotient by two levels by combining the most suitable ear warmer design pattern with your outfits. Visit a gallery of inspiring ideas to stay on trend!