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Cute Striped Sweater Styles

Cute Striped Sweater Styles

Striped sweaters are back in trend. Not that they ever went out of style! It’s just not possible. Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to wear striped sweaters because this time of year is where you can enjoy a unique palette of funky colors like orange, maroon and red. Sweaters keep us warm and what more could we want from fashion with stripes? Here are some ways to rock striped sweaters for women.

This is a cool new way to hug the stripes. Wear a long, striped wool maxi dress and pair it with a sleek cardigan for a classier look. If you want to go the extra mile, why not add a couple of boot heels and a fedora? Everything goes well with this great outfit!

There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than wearing bright, vibrant neon colors. Why not combine it with the warmth and comfort of a striped sweater? Not only does it look and feel fabulous, it always makes a statement too.

Striped knitwear

We all love our knitwear in winter! It’s the perfect outfit to snuggle up to on the couch with a good book. Go a step further by adding stripes to the equation. Be cozy and fashionable with striped knitwear this season.

Striped cardigans not only provide warmth, but also make you look wonderful and not to forget, bigger too! Striped sweaters go particularly well with skinny jeans and an easy-care top.

Wear striped sweaters to stay one step ahead of fashion trends this fall. Combine your favorite colors. There is no such thing as “wrong color” when it comes to striped sweaters.