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Cute T Shirts suitable for

Cute T Shirts suitable for everyone

T shirts are worn by men women and children of all ages and are called so because they resemble the English letter ‘T’ in shape. Generally, they are long or short sleeved, round necked and can be with or without a collar. They are usually made of cotton in a jersey knit, which has an expandable texture that is different from the shirts stitched from woven cloth. Modern cute T shirts are continuously woven and hence have no side seam.

T shirts, in general, were introduced by the US army in the 19th century and were crew necked, short sleeved and white in color, meant to be worn under the army uniform shirt. They were easily fitted, easily cleaned and inexpensive and were often worn while doing chores and playing outside, eventually making it a general purpose casual clothing.

Today, cute T shirts come in a variety of fabrics, colors and designs. There are collared, U necked, V necked and Crew necked variants for the neck pattern alone. Graphic t shirts, with words and pictures or photos printed on them, are a favorite among the young and are worn to express a person’s personality, to show support for some cause or just for fun.

T shirts are also categorized as active, casual and work based on the occasion when they can be worn. They come in varied sizes ranging from extra small (XS) to triple extra large (XXXL). The latest trend is 3D t shirts, that spell style and will make you stand out with their bright and bold colors with some solid prints and three dimensional designs that fill the front of the t shirt. These are available in various themes like movies, animal prints, artistic face portrait, sports, music and artists and horror, to name a few.