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Decorative Boho Necklaces

Decorative Boho Necklaces

Boho necklaces are in fashion now. The word boho was derived from the term “bohemian”, which means artistic, unconventional and free spirited. Natural, earthy hues, hanging charms, flowing fabrics, fringes and tassels are the key elements of the bohemian style.

How do I wear boho necklaces?

  • Whimsical style: Fringes are an essential part of a boho chic style. You can use fringes to complete the edges of your jewelry or clothing. You can wear a fringed boho necklace with a statement stone in the center with elegant or casual outfits. The fringes in the necklace are usually made of leather or suede to add pizzazz to your style.
  • Romantic style: For a bohemian-romantic look, go for the layered delicate necklace style. A boho layered necklace allows you to combine a range of lucky charms and pendants to show the romantic in you. Wear a long thick chain necklace with a short delicate one to give you that hopelessly romantic look.
  • Beach style: If you want to wear a boho-inspired beach look, choose an eye-catching clam collar made of silver pendants. In combination with a trendy crocheted boho bikini, the shell collar gives a chic look.
  • Gypsy style: Bring the boho vibe to your wardrobe by pairing a seductive gypsy statement necklace with a floral gypsy outfit.
  • Hippie style: Combine your cardigan or your flowing kimono with a trendy hippie necklace. For the hippie look, combine a range of earth-tone necklaces with tassels, animal tags, feathers and beads.

Choose a boho necklace to compliment your style

When it comes to showing off the bohemian vibe, you can pair chunky, cheerfully embossed necklaces with printed scarves and metal bracelets. Combine as much as chunky stones, metals, and naturally printed fabrics to satisfy your fiery bohemian passion. Make a bold fashion statement with a funky bohemian-style necklace and lively printed garment and complement your personality and style.

Experiment with chunky boho necklaces and upbeat, vibrant dresses to find the boho-chic style that suits you best.