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Delicate art of Afghan Pattern

Delicate art of Afghan Pattern

Crocheting is an art form. It requires skills and expertise in knowing which loop to join where and to make what pattern in which direction. The close knit loops and the delicate appearance of it is what make it appealing and stylish. Afghan Crochet is similar to the traditional way of Crocheting. But it differs in the sense that this style of Crocheting requires knots or knitting to be done very closely. This makes the patterns on clothes look more delicate.


Afghan Crochet is also called or is known as the Tunisian Crochet. This requires simple chains of Crocheting to be followed by a series of slip stitching. This is a complicated way of knitting.

Afghan patterns are far more extravagant to look at and the amount of hard work that needs to be put in is also more. Some of the things that can be made by using this method of Crocheting are sweaters, shawls, warm clothes for babies, blankets, beautiful handbags, purses etc.

When a person is able to master the art of Crocheting then they can make almost any and everything. Afghan roses, throw backs etc are all very different than the ones made by the traditional technique. Afghan patterns look delicate and beautiful. Being able to do this type of Crochet requires a lot of practice and training. The simple art of making fabric this way in no ordinary task, but when you can devote time it is easily done.