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Delicate art of Crochet Lace Pattern

Delicate art of Crochet Lace Pattern

Crochet is a delicate art work. It’s intricate and delicate form makes the fabric look spectacular. Even more amazing is the lace Pattern you can make by using Crochet technique. Crochet requires nothing more than the use of yarn and Crochet hook combined with a lot of hard work and dedication. Crochet lace pattern are unique and beautiful to look at.

Lace Work

Lace has been a beautiful fabric piece. It has been used in making wedding attires, tops etc. To make a lace Pattern by crocheting requires more amount of patience than yarn. The level of concentration required for this technique is also very high.

Much of Irish Crochet is lace pattern work. Because the method in which Crochet is done is very intricate two layers of clothing is used to make the lace and one with the design and another as a support to be placed on top to help in aligning a cotton thread and securing them along the design. Once this is done detailing work begins to take place. The designs are filled in by crocheting and also by putting in some cotton in between the threads to give it texture and to make the design stand out.

Crocheting to make lace patterns is difficult. Though the end product is breath taking, the journey or the time spent in making it is a back breaking job. Crochet lace pattern can also be experimented with to make more unique textures and designs.