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Different types of Crochet Blanket Patterns

Different types of Crochet Blanket Patterns

Crochet is a very elegant technique of making fabrics. These can be used in making attires, furniture decorations, bed sheets, pillow cover, blankets etc. Making a blanket by crocheting requires a lot of yarn, time and patience. Crochet Blanket Patterns can vary depending upon individual preference, taste, likeness, skill and the amount of effort being put in.


Style and Fashion have their own way of making things look appealing. Everybody wants the latest and the trendiest things to be used to decorate their homes with. Gone are the days when the traditional designs had a zing in their appearances. Today, people want designer things and designer patterns for everything. So why not have designer blankets as well.

Blankets are an essential part of life. They keep us warm and cosy during winter nights. Blankets can be made by using cotton, linen or even wool. Blankets can also be made by crocheting. Crochet is not limited in making only small pieces of fabrics. They can be used to make long scarfs and blankets too.

The size of the blanket depends upon the individuals needs. After determining the size you can start by working on a chain stitch. Different patterns can be used if you are skilled enough to make it. Some of the Crochet Blanket patterns are ripple Afghan pattern, grandma squares, flowers etc. Having a pattern being knitted is anytime a better option that the plain simple one. A stylish blanket never goes out of fashion.