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Disney Makeup Ideas

Disney Makeup Ideas

Disney makeup ideas can transform your look into your favorite Disney character. The list of easy Disney makeup looks we have compiled here can be achieved by makeup enthusiasts as well as beginners with the same ace. All of the makeup looks for Disney characters we’ve brought for you come from the schedules of expert makeup artists and Pinterest.

From tender princesses to creepy ghosts, we’ve brought you the best of all Disney makeup ideas here.

Make-up looks with Disney motifs

With body paint, brown eyeliner, makeup, a bright yellow shirt, woven hat, red suspenders, and a dark blue bow tie, it can be incredibly easy to transform into an adorable Pinocchio. When you’re getting ready for a celebratory party, you can have your face painted to recreate the look of Magic Mirror. Look insanely cute when you transform into Belle of your favorite beauty and the beast with vibrant eyeshadow, bold blush powder and face markers.

Slip on a skull graphic tee and wear a studded choker to create the Toy Storys Sid look. Use your Mickey Ears along with a matte lipstick and pink eye shadow to create the best Disney makeup.

Disney makeup ideas these are easy to pull off

  • By applying a blue body paint to your shoulders and face, blue lipstick, matching eyeshadow and winged eyeliner, you can achieve the look of Hades by Hercules.
  • Transform into the vicious Shego and complete the Disney-inspired makeup look with green and black body paint.
  • By covering yourself from head to toe in blue paint and wearing a peach colored lipstick on your nose and lips and two braids, you can easily transform yourself from Disney’s avatars into Neytiri.

The collection of Disney makeup ideas shown here is perfect for your Halloween party and for making you look different from the crowd. Explore the gallery below for a dozen more ideas on Disney makeup trends.