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DIY Bracelets

DIY Bracelets

Who remembers friendship bracelets made by hand from wool, satin ribbons, twine, and simple things like these that would normally be lying around the house? You may have left those sweet old school days behind you, but you love DIY bracelets and of course your friends do as well. BeautyandU has some awesome DIY bracelet tutorials for the trendiest bracelets and many more awesome bracelet styles for the fashion junkie in you. With these pictures in our collection you can indulge your bracelet fetish.

Simply mind-boggling variety of DIY bracelet styles

Did you know that nowadays bracelets can also serve as functional key rings? No right? Check out the gem bracelet keychain which is actually pretty cool. If all of this is not really your style and you want something simple and sweet to match your pretty dress, you can opt for an ocean-style charm bracelet, a pearl bracelet femme brand, a love gold-plated heart bracelet or something really classy and sexy like a bronze bracelet.

Fun, fashion and leisure: the best of DIY bracelets

Whether you love the hip and chic boho bracelets or the more classy versions, you will find the designs amazing if you love arm jewelry. Some of the trendiest DIY bracelet types to add to your accessory collection are:

  • DIY macram√© bracelet
  • DIY charm adjustable bracelet
  • Delicate bronze bracelet
  • DIY beaded charms bracelet
  • Bike bracelet
  • Black white Shambhala bracelet
  • Glass stone Shambhala bracelet
  • Bow tie beaded stretch bracelet

Shambala bracelets, gemstone bracelets, macrame bracelets, etc. are very popular DIY bracelet styles, especially among hippies and bohemians. So get acquainted with these great designs and make a variety of DIY bracelets to match your dress and look! It’s so fun and so relaxing.