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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for innovative, fun, and easy to make DIY Halloween costumes? You are in the right place. Halloween is the festival celebrated in honor of the dead saint. People show their creativity during Halloween parties by putting on creepy clothes and bloody makeup. Here are some awesome homemade Halloween costume ideas for couples, adults, and teens that you can whip up in the eleventh hour and still be the epitome of a party. Check out the awesome Halloween costume ideas for college goers and friends.

Cute DIY Halloween costumes for adults

  • Wind-up doll: Transform yourself into a wind-up doll with a giant cardboard key, high thigh socks, and a ribbon. These popular baby doll style Halloween clothes can make you look pretty creepy depending on your face makeup.
  • Creative elephant: To make this adorable and innovative Halloween costume, you’ll need vacuum hose for the trunk, gray fabric and wire for the ears, turkey baster for the tusks, and tights and a gray dress.
  • Deadly Samurai: You can make a remarkable samurai costume using rubber stoppers and trash cans and make heads turn this Halloween.

Last minute Halloween costumes

  • Dunkin Donuts: You can be dressing up as Dunkin Donuts in no time. All that is required for this brilliant couples costume is a pair of basketball jerseys and donut floaties.
  • Chic Hawaiian Tourist: Wear a straw hat, Hawaiian shirt, and of course a camera to wear the trendy tourist look.
  • Bread winner: This is a popular clothing for the Halloween festival among word game lovers. Put on a brightly colored t-shirt and fake medal, and carry a loaf of bread. You are ready for the costume party.
  • Glue the chips: This is one of the funniest costumes for Halloween and it only takes a few minutes to complete your Halloween look. Wear a yellow t-shirt and tape a bag of potato chips and you are done.