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Ear Tattoo Designs

Ear Tattoo Designs

Ear tattoo designs have become very popular in recent years. They are so popular that some enthusiasts believe that ear tattoos can replace ear piercing. At BeautyandU we find both ear cups and ear piercing beautiful and some ladies can pull both off beautifully (as you can find in the gallery). Ear tattoos are still unconventional, but those who like small or tiny tattoos will find ear lobe tattoos behind the ear and inner ear tattoos amazing.

Do ear tattoos hurt?

Ears are sensitive parts and it is very natural to wonder if ear tattoos hurt. If you have very sensitive ears, an ear tattoo can be very painful. Let’s tell you why do ear tattoos hurt?

Ear pain can be caused by loud vibrations or noise from the tattoo machine. Migraines and dizziness are also not uncommon. Behind the ear tattoo designs, tattoos on ear cartilage and inner ear tattoos can be a little painful or annoying for some. But getting ink is a bit of a pain anyway. So, if you don’t have very sensitive ears or are already familiar with ink, an ear tattoo is a nice, unconventional idea.

Watercolor Ear Tattoos – Yes or No?

Watercolor ear tattoos are well worth exploring. However, the most common problem with watercolor tattoos is whether watercolor designs are fading. Watercolor tattoos for the inner ear will fade faster if not properly cared for in the first few weeks after being tattooed. Depending on your tattoo design, touch-ups may be required after a few months / years.